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6 Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Customer Relationship Management

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Today we live in a world entirely different from the what it used to be some decades ago. Consumer markets are changing, and so is the Customer. Your clients or customers are now providing you valuable feedback which can either be used to better your product or company. Or you can dump that information and lose the information about what’s holding your business back.

The best place to get feedback about your product is the social media platform, but that may not be enough. You cannot just create a social media Customer Service and expect it to improve your company unless you start responding to the Complaints or the Compliments. Customer Relationship Management is as important as the “business plan” and trust me once you start working on your Customer Relationship Management you will swiftly start noticing a positive change in your company and product.


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Customer Relationship Management differentiates between types of companies. It tells your customers that you care about what they have to say – Rich Langtry

Following are some tips on creating the best Social Media CRM:


  1. Social Media Customer Relationship Management is one of the best ways to carry on the task. Reason being the ease of setting it up. You can use Facebook or Twitter or any other social media website that suits your business and client topography. It’s a one stop solution for your CRM needs. Your technologies should be connected with the customer in this customer-centric world. People will surely like to visit your website for feedback but trust me you will get more and better feedback on your Social Media Pages.


  1. Remember how frustrating it is to call someone and be held up for hours. Remember how aggressive you become after waiting for just 4 minutes for the Customer Call Center to reply. Yeah! The same happens when your social media response team is not well-equipped and is slow in responding to customer feedback. Make sure you have the right resources to handle your Social CRM.


  1. Use Social Media Analysis to improve your Customer Services and widen your clientele. You can also create campaigns and social media groups. Be generous to your loyal customers as this is a huge payoff. You can also use the Social Media Analysis to see who is talking more about you and which area in more interested in your products.


  1.  A good conversation with your customers and clients involves you “listening to them.” Pushing information on your client may help them but does not create a bond that you want with your clients. Just look at the Apple’s Market. Although the Apple Genius may do the same, I am talking about the relationship Apple’s Clients have with Apple products. Building relationship with your customers is not achieved by dumping information on them. You have to listen to them.


  1. Now, this one is crucial: Do you like talking to robots? Apart from some people’s fantasies, no Customer wants a reply provided by a robot. Digital Bots are handy and helpful especially if you are as big as Facebook or Amazon. But if you are not you may want to Put a face on your Customer Social Media Customer. You may object to this one, but you must know the importance of a human respondent when it comes to Social Media CRM. And there is a big “but” here, and that is: You tone on Social Media CRM should be in line with your company. Be professional and careful with your tone.
  1. Be aware of the trolls. They are there for fun. Now some of the companies like McDonald’s and Wendy’s have treated the trolls the way they deserved, but it’s probably right to keep a distance from such. Or you can troll them back if you like. I have seen much publicity in this way too.

It’s important that you keep your customers close, like really close if you want to expand your business successfully.


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